The Importance of a Well-Woman Exam

The Importance of a Well-Woman Exam

As a woman, you have a lot on your plate, and fitting in routine appointments can be a challenge. But there’s nothing more important to make time for than your health. 

Nearly 16% of women over 18 are in poor health. One way to catch illnesses and diseases early and promote better health is with an annual well-woman exam at the private practice of Beth and Howard Braver, MD, in Aventura and Hollywood, Florida.

Our experienced physicians specialize in providing care to women of all ages, from the early teen years through late adulthood. Take a moment to learn more about the importance of your annual well-woman exam and what’s involved with your visit.     

Why do I need a well-woman exam?

As a woman, you have health issues and needs unique to your gender. You might think this exam only involves your sex and reproductive health, but there’s much more to being a healthy woman. 

For example, some health conditions may impact both men and women but have different effects and symptoms in women, including issues like:

Heart disease

Women have different symptoms and are more likely to die from a heart attack than men.

Sexually transmitted diseases

STDs can be more difficult to detect in women and can have more serious repercussions for women than for men.

Mental health

Women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. 

Bone health

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis affect more women than men.

Genitourinary health

Because of their anatomy, women are more likely to have urinary tract health issues.

As this partial list explores, it’s extremely important to understand what being a healthy woman involves. Fortunately, you can prevent or reverse many health issues you face as a woman with early detection and preventive measures. 

Even if you currently have poor health habits, you can live a longer, healthier life by taking a few steps in the direction of better health today. Your annual well-woman exam offers an excellent opportunity to explore your health and areas to focus on improving.  

What can I expect during a well-woman exam?

We take time to assess your overall health as well as your reproductive health during your annual well-woman exam. At your appointment, you can expect a physical exam that includes:

In addition to a physical exam, your annual well-woman visit provides a time to discuss any concerns you have related to your health and well-being. 

We talk to you about creating health goals for the year and offer education and counseling on such different topics as weight loss, diet and nutrition, diabetes management, and birth control. 

Learn more about the importance of an annual well-woman exam or schedule your appointment today by contacting the office nearest you in Aventura or Hollywood, Florida.

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