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With more than 71% of American adults being overweight, you’re not alone if you struggle to lose weight and keep it off. The medical team at the practice of Beth and Howard Braver, MD, in Aventura and Hollywood, Florida, offers medical weight-loss programs that help you lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle long term. The team customizes a weight-loss program based on your individual needs, which may include medications and diet plans to help you get started. Call to schedule a consultation at the nearest office, walk in, or book online to take the first step.

Weight Loss Programs

What is a medical weight-loss program?

The medical weight-loss program at Beth and Howard Braver, MD, is a personalized plan that can help you lose weight and develop healthier eating and exercise habits. Based on your individual needs, your provider recommends a diet and nutrition plan for healthy eating, along with medications that can help suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. 

The team is there to support you at every step of your weight-loss journey so you can achieve your goals of losing weight and becoming healthier. 

What are the benefits of a medical weight-loss program?

Losing weight isn’t always easy to accomplish by yourself. When you choose to participate in a medically supervised weight-loss program, like those offered at Beth and Howard Braver, MD, you can get the support you need to meet your short- and long-term goals. 

Some of the benefits of a medical weight-loss program include:

  • Individualized plan
  • Medical supervision and support
  • Access to medications
  • Personalized diet plans
  • Proactive diet management and fitness
  • Develop healthier habits
  • Reduce the risk of weight-related illness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Improve obesity-related health conditions

The team at Beth and Howard Braver, MD, also helps ensure your success when you embark on a weight-loss program. 

What are the benefits of prescription medications for weight loss?

When you combine prescription weight-loss medications with a healthy lifestyle and behavioral changes, you can potentially lose more weight or get a jumpstart on your weight-loss goals. On average, people who take medications as part of a complete weight-loss program lose 3-9% more of their starting body weight than those who only make dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Medications alone won’t help you lose weight and keep it off, but they are a valuable tool that provides the boost you need to adopt lifestyle changes and improve your overall health. 

Am I a good candidate for a medical weight-loss program?

If you are significantly overweight or have a body mass index (BMI) that’s higher than average for your height and weight, you may be an ideal candidate for a medically supervised weight-loss program. Additionally, if you struggle to lose weight on your own or need help adopting a healthier nutrition plan, the team at Beth and Howard Braver, MD, assesses your overall health to see how you can benefit from a weight-loss program. 

To learn more, call the office closest to you, walk in, or use the convenient online booking system to request an appointment.