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Say Goodbye to Wrinkles and Fine Lines With Laser Therapy

With every year, your skin changes. And here in the Sunshine State, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the effects of the sun, which speeds up your skin’s aging and leaves you with more wrinkles and fine lines than you’d like to see.

While we can’t roll back the hands of time, there’s a solution to help improve the look and feel of your skin. Laser resurfacing is a safe, effective, and popular treatment that reveals the younger, glowing skin hiding beneath the old.

At Beth and Howard Braver, MD, in Aventura and Hollywood, Florida, our skilled team can restore your youthful glow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with the help of the revolutionary IconTM laser system by Cynosure®.   

Here’s a look at how our laser therapy can help you say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines this summer.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy delivers short pulses of concentrated light into the deeper layers of your skin. By doing this, laser therapy helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage. It can also help improve your skin texture and tone by correcting scars or pigmentation problems.

How does the Icon laser system work?

When trained on your problem areas, the Icon laser generates heat in the layers of skin beneath the surface. This heat stimulates your body’s collagen production and promotes the growth of new skin cells. 

By triggering your body’s natural collagen production, laser therapy with Icon rejuvenates the middle and surface layers of your skin. As new skin grows and replaces the old, your face looks younger, fresher, and tighter. It also helps reduce the appearance of scars and uneven pigmentation.   

What does the Icon laser system treat?

We use skin-rejuvenating laser therapy to address a wide range of skin concerns. Through the power of lasers, we can target different layers of your skin to take on multiple skin issues, including: 

Before treatment, we evaluate your skin and review your medical history. We then work with you to set attainable goals and create a customized treatment plan. 

What is a laser therapy session like?

At Beth and Howard Braver, MD, we use the Icon laser system to send concentrated light energy into the areas on your skin where you want to target lines and wrinkles. We adjust the lasers to provide an optimal wavelength for different skin tissues, resulting in smoother, naturally younger-looking skin.  

Laser therapy is a noninvasive treatment, meaning there are no needles or injections to worry about. While you may feel heat or tingling during your session, most of our patients report little to no pain. There’s no downtime required, and side effects are minimal. Some patients notice redness and slight swelling, but these typically resolve within a few days

How long before I see results after laser therapy?

Immediately after treatment, you will see an improvement in your skin tone, but it takes time for your body’s natural collagen production to fully rejuvenate your skin. You can expect to see optimal results as your skin’s collagen production naturally replaces the old with newer, fresher skin in the weeks and months after your treatment. 

Some of our patients find they require more than one treatment to achieve their desired results. Our team works to set up a treatment plan that meets your needs. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines this summer? Contact us today at either our Aventura or Hollywood, Florida, location.

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