Internal Medicine and COVID19: What You Should Know

The global pandemic and COVID-19 are top of mind when it comes to health care right now. If you have any symptoms of the novel coronavirus, you know the key safety points:

With so much coverage about COVID-19, it’s hard to know what you should do if you need other kinds of medical care. 

At the offices of Beth and Howard Braver, MD, we’re committed to helping our Aventura and Hollywood, Florida, patients stay healthy — now and always — with our comprehensive internal medicine services

Our care team has put together this information about COVID-19 and internal medicine to help you do just that. Here’s what you need to know. 

The importance of staying informed about COVID-19 

At Beth and Howard Braver, MD, we understand our patients may be concerned about COVID-19 and how these challenging times may affect their health. We also know policies and information related to COVID-19 are changing by the day. This can create questions and anxiety. 

To help ensure you have the right information and to keep anxiety or fear at bay, we help you stay informed with current information and the facts. To that end, we put together this list of links to key resources:

Use these resources to stay informed and make healthy decisions about your health and safety during the global pandemic. 

Internal medicine and COVID-19

Even if you aren’t personally affected by COVID-19, chances are good that sometime in the next year you’ll have health care needs. To stay as healthy as possible, you should maintain preventive care. 

If you have a preventive care appointment coming up or if you had to cancel an appointment in the past few months, call our office now. We’ll let you know if it’s time to schedule or if it’s better to wait and reschedule some time in the future. 

There are times you shouldn’t wait to seek professional medical care, such as if you are experiencing a new or urgent medical problem. If you have any of these symptoms, don’t wait to get medical attention: 

And if you notice any changes in your mental health, don’t wait to contact our team at Beth and Howard Braver, MD. Your mental and emotional health are as important to your overall well-being as your physical health, especially during the pandemic.   

When possible, plan ahead

If you have a chronic medical condition that requires a prescription, plan ahead. For example, request a 60- or 90-day prescription refill to ensure you have plenty of medication on hand and require fewer office and pharmacy visits. 

It’s also important to protect your overall health so your body can resist the virus. For example, healthy eating, regular exercise, stress management, and social connections — whether by phone, video conferencing, or in-person but 6 feet apart — are key steps for your health. 

Finally, don’t forget to wear a facial covering in public, as required in both Hollywood and Aventura, Florida, and clean your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer.  

To learn more about primary care and COVID-19, call us today or book an appointment using our online tool. We also offer telemedicine appointments so you can receive care from the comfort of your own home.

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